Rockaways Handyman

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Most jobs are priced on a per job basis,
below is a basic price reference.

Our basic price list for the Rockaways and surrounding areas.
All prices are plus material.

A service call is $85.00
Covers first 45 minutes 1 to 2 men depending on our work schedule
Additional time is $50.00 per hour and/or per man needed for work required.

A service call covers installation of most lights, ceiling fans, etc

Installation of storm doors start at $175.00

Installation of entry doors start at $300.00

Painting starts at $350.00 per day for 2 men
Actual price may vary depending on detail of work.

General work per day
$400.00 per day for 2 men
$500.00 per day for 3 men
$650.00 per day for 4 men

General work per 1/2 day
$200.00 per 1/2 day for 2 men
$250.00 per 1/2 day for 3 men
$325.00 per 1/2 day for 4 men

*Tolls will be added to all work in Broad Channel and South Brooklyn

General estimates are FREE locally
(including verbal price quote)

Written and/or detailed estimates are $75.00

Price will be deducted from work if/when booked.

Note: It takes time to type up the estimates
We are happy to invest the time into providing you with a written estimate if you are going to book the work. Time spent on written estimates for work that is not booked is an expense on the business and affects prices that the we have to charge.

Home Evaluations
(Home Evaluations are unofficial (but thorough) home inspections based on over 30 years in the Home Improvement field)
Walk through without a written report (verbal report only) starts at $250.00
Written report (including photos) starts at $125.00
Home evaluations are commonly used for pre-evaluations prior inspection when buying or selling a house.